Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Two weeks ago, I made the decision to start insanity. :O It's been a long two weeks but I'd like to share my experience with you all. 

Insanity is a workout program by Beach Body. It's a very very intense 60 day workout program that has very very good testimonies that it actually. (just google insanity before/after pictures...you'll see for yourself).

For a long time I have been wanting to get into shape, feel confident about my body, and improve my muscle ability in order to improve my diving. So about 3 weeks ago, I asked my friend if I could borrow her insanity DVDs. So I printed off the workout schedule and began my journey to my dream body. I took before pictures of myself so, hopefully, at the end of this journey I will be able to share my results after this 60 day challenge! 

However, Monday marked my two week point, where I took another fit test. A fit test is basically a test that you take every two weeks that measures your cardio improvement and you measure your waist size and weight. I hadn't weighed myself since I started insanity. So I expected to have lost quite a bit because insanity is hard! Plus, before I started I did not work out every single day, with insanity I do. You would think that would make some difference right? Well at my 2 week mark, my weight had not changed. Now to make myself feel better I just told myself my fat turned to muscle (because muscle weighs more than fat)...but I'm pretty discouraged. I will keep going with the program...hoping for the best? If any of y'all have had the same experience with this let me know! I just really want this program to work for me so I will finish out the dvds and will update you guys!

(So I just realized this post never posted..so as of right now I'm almost 4 weeks in...so I will have an update very very soon haha)

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  1. Oh gosh, that thing looks awful, I could never do it! I am impressed! I hope you continue to stay motivated with it and I'm sure you'll see results soon.Sometimes when you try to lose weight it takes a week or two before the the weight loss gets started but I'm sure you'll start losing soon :)

    Eleanor -