Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Day?

     On 1/24/2014 there was a snow day in Texas. First time in about 5 years... I don't really know if you could necessarily call it a snow day, for there wasn't any actual snow on the ground... School was cancelled because it was 30 degree Farenheight and the roads were "slick". So basically it was an ice day. :)

     Anyways so instead of going to school, me, Phillip, Lorena, and Brooke played monopoly at my house. We ate a huge bag of M&M's, popcorn, lemonade and pizza. Phillip gave up pizza for new years but justified eating it at my house because it was "cut in to squares and didnt really look like a pizza".

      So we played monopoly and it took 4 hours to even get all the property sold... We played until about 4 because I had to go to work. So I dropped them off at Brooke's house and when I came back Brooke's mom had made potatoe soup. I've never had potato soup before, it was AMAZING. She cooked it in a big pot that I said was big enough to boil a small child. (That was probably a weird thing to say but oh well).

     After we ate dinner with her mom and grandma we went back to my house and played monopoly until 12 when Phillip went home. (Technically I lost because I "forfeited"...but really I had the most money haha).

     Brooke and Lorena sleptover and we watched The Vampire Diaries and watched a documentary and fail videos and tried to do yoga. All in all it was a really great day. Happy I have the friends I have. :)

I hope you enjoyed my first "real" post...sorry for no pictures though...

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