Sunday, February 16, 2014

What-a-Week #2

This week was quite an uneventful one. I took a break from diving this week. But it was Valentines Day on Friday! At work, our kids had to bring valentines for the rest of the girls and at the end of class, they all got a bag to take home, it was really cute! Speaking of work, one of my girls said I was annoying...that's fun haha. In my defense, we basically have to be annoying to work there! (I teach gymnastics).

Well this is random, but it made me laugh so that's why I'm writing about it right? So, at the beginning of the week my friend who is a senior started having a gossip session with my junior friend about the show called Dexter? I've never watched it but they were both fangirling about it haha and when my senior friend tried to address Sal(junior friend) he called him Saul. And I just thought it was really funny because Sal gave me a funny look so I cracked up laughing :) Random, I know.

On Thursday, I subbed for someone at the gym(which I hardly ever do anymore) and it just made me really happy because normally I feel like an outsider because I only work 1 day a week, but I made an effort and it was fun!

On Friday, I hung out with one of my friends who came home to visit from college. Her sister got asked out on her first date by someone on the swim team! It was SO exciting! So I went with her to pick them up and it was so cute! He got her a bear and chocolates, so jealous :) But anyways, it always makes me really happy when I get to see her because shes at college now.

I also toured A&M! I have no idea where I want to go to college, but this is the beginning. Its kind of scary to think I'll be going off to college next year... It seems like just yesterday I was a freshman! Anyways here's a picture that my mom took whilst touring haha

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Bad Thing:
Two of my absolute best friends had a big fight this week. Because he was angry that she started dating someone even though they never had a history before... I dunno, I just hope it doesn't ruin a perfectly good friendship...

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