Sunday, March 2, 2014

What-a-Week #4

This was kind of a hard week for me emotionally.. but hey I'm trying my best and that's all that counts right? Anyways here's a roundup of my week.

Diving went pretty well for me this week! Tuesday I did my back double by myself and my back 2 1/2 in belts and Wednesday I did my reverse double in belts! So that was really exciting!

Recently I've been driving my friend to diving, she's kind of quiet so most of our carrides are in silence. But on Tuesday, she told me this story about cheer, when she flung a girl over her shoulder cause she was really light and I just about died laughing. We laughed all the way home until I was crying. It was nice to bond with her like that.

Speaking of bonding, me and Conor bonded when we talked about the funny stories of our childhood. I told her about the time when I refused to drink the water from the water fountain at school for like 3 years because a girl told me she saw a meat chunk come out of the fountain once. I now know she was lying but it freaked me out! haha

And lastly, our water polo team played against my old coach's team. o_o It was absolutely insane. We wanted to beat her SO badly.(cause she was mean to us when she was our coach). But I was really sad because I couldn't help out in the goal scoring because they stuck me in the goal... I hate the goal. I felt really guilty after the game was over cause we lost 6-5 and I felt like it was all my fault for letting in the last goal. But I guess that's what comes along with being goalie...and I hate it.

oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM! We spent the whole day cleaning, so it was kind of a sucky birthday for her :( Plus I've been stuck reading this really long book for history class all day UGH. If you're reading this mom, I'm sorry! And I love you!

*If you don't know what What-a-Week Sunday is....Every Sunday I make a post of a few good things that made me smile/laugh/cry during the week, so that in the future I can look back and reread these posts and remember what made me happy at one point in my life because I have a terrible memory and tend to forget these sort of things. Feel free to scroll past these posts. xox
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